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24/2/13 Sermon Notes from New Creation Church Singapore (Pastor Joseph Prince)

Andrew Lim's testimony - competitive swimmer who was told his meniscus was hurt and he might not be able to swim again. It meant he missed a meet and could attend legacy camp. He was healed completely. Was chosen to rept the universe in an ASEAN university meet. He fell sick and so couldn't train. He rested and came close to best timings during the race and won a gold medal. 

We thank God for medical science but we thank God that what is impossible w men is possible w God. 

Moses died without sickness or disease. 

If Jesus should tarry and not return during our lifetime, let's believe we will live on strong and healthy. 

"Beyond Death's Door"- testimonies of near death experience by a doc. Unbeliever. Noticed that when he brought believers back, they would be upset because they were with Jesus or in a lovely place. But unbelievers would scream and asked not to go back THERE because it is horrible and terrible. He prayed a prayer his mother taught him. And said to an unbeliever to pray "Jesus save me!" The guy went unconscious again and needed resuscitation. The guy came to and said "It's okay. I can go now. It's a different place."

Perfectly Alive. Now we are not fully alive. 

God made men to live forever. That is why death is stated as an enemy. 

Psalm of David written to Gath music. Gath - Goliath is from Gath. Not God's people. Nine verses- When I consider the heavens... What is men that You are mindful of him) Ps 8:5-6

God crowned (atar) him with glory and honor. 

Hadar- God died to give us Hadar. Beauty, excellence. Jesus was beat until he was mangled and no beauty (Hadar) left in Him. Beauty for ashes. 

Kavot- glory= weightiness.

When someone speaks they carry weight. 

Opposite of glory is light as in carries no weight. 

Where the word of the King is, there is power. 

We speak to circumstances & demons and they have to obey. We speak to the problems in JESUS'S NAME. 

Men don't believe words are enough. 

Parents want so much for kids to love Jesus and to enjoy the abundant life and blessings of God. But world is so distracting and parents today, with all the access they have to the internet. Thank God where sin increases, Grace super abounds. Gives us hope. Parents need to know God has restored to us the glory and honour. When Adam sinned against God, glory disappeared and men became bowed down and subject to diseases. The last enemy that will be put under our feet is death. The wages of sin is death but the gift is eternal life from God. The moment I receive Jesus I have ionos zoe (supernatural life- pain free, curse free, aging free life!) Jesus came so we can hav life and life more abundantly, to the full. 

Adam only had to speak in the past. But the moment he lost that glory, he was subject even to a minute bacteria. Where is men's glory and honour? 

Sin- it is he history of men. We don't want to die and have sickness in our body. We don't like going to funerals. Deep inside we know we aren't meant to die. We are not afraid to death- Grave where is your victory? Death where is your sting? We who live in Christ will not die. Bible uses the term "fall asleep". 

Glory and honour - when we have it, what we say carries more weight with our teenagers and kids, more than any celebrity. 

Under law, uncleaness is contagious (Haggai). Under law, u touch a leper and become unclean. Jesus was totally clean and touched a leper who was totally unclean. The completely clean took away that completely uncleaness so he could be completely clean again. 

Self righteous - come to end of that. The self righteous are not bold or contagious Christians. They are sin conscious and end up sinning more. Act like Jesus didn't do a good job and payment not enough. 

We aren't saying under grace we take forgiveness for granted. Jesus paid the wages of sin. He died our death. God isn't being just kind or mercy. Bible says God is JUST to forgive u. Judicial word. God's righteousness justified us. He isn't compromising His standards and morals to give sinners His gift of righteousness. Jesus' death met fully the claims of a thrice holy God. Self righteous say we love the sinner and hate the sin BUT all they show is they hate the sin. Never show love for the sinner. 

God hates that sin that is destroying u like a doctor who hates the cancer in his patient but loves his patient.

Romans 3- God is righteous in becoming our unrighteousness. 

A Christian cannot be punished today. Those who say Christians will still be punished - their sermons don't glorify the finished work of the LORD and His holiness and righteousness by making that sinner righteous. 

Satan's messengers are transformed to appear like messengers of light. Be careful. 

Are we made righteous by our performance or work? No. He receiving. 

How did Jesus who knew no sin, did no sin become sin for us? He received that sin. So same way we receive His righteousness.

How did God treat Jesus when He took on our sins upon Himself? God turned His back to Jesus. As a Father, His heart broke. 

You are clothed with the righteousness of Jesus that attracts blessings. It isn't your clothes. It is His. 

Glory and honour isn't just for giving you leverage and weightiness- u speak to sickness and demons and they live.. It is also for defence. You turn to the right and meet goodness, turn to be left there is mercy.

A sister brought her dad to our church. He couldn't understand English. Asked his daughter who were the two shining ones standing next to that man (Pastor) on the stage. 

World says what u cannot see is not real. But the truth is what we see in this world is temporal - moment build, it decays. But what is forever? That which is spiritual. 

So when a man dies, his spirit has to go somewhere eternally. Heaven and Hell are real. 

A lot of people are afraid of the world. What is the world to you?
"Be careful ah. Worldly!" 

In America, when television was first invented. Preachers called it a one eyed monster and would corrupt. The devil said yes and amen to what they said and took control. 

Innovative ideas given= "that is the devil". Electric guitar "devil". D minor "demonic". Organ music "is God's music"- :p Organ music wasn't existing in David's time. :p

Many of these inventions created by believers or Jews. But confessed over the invention as evil by believers.

The lady who is translating "destined to reign" into Hebrew is a Jew and got to know him from telly. 

The inaugural service of The Star, David Foster was here. Someone gave them a bag full of materials on the gospel of grace to them. God can work in His ways. 

Pastor preaches the gospel. Direct. Doesn't mean David Foster comes here and we have to compromise. We have to be in touch win the world and be confident that grace overcomes. Salt is to make people thirsty for the living waters of life. But if people never encounter u- u are a salt in a salt shaker- they will not thirst.

Precious are the saints. Precious- means it is very costly. One saint less on earth, is one less good influence gone. 

Pastor talks about the legalistic pastor on TV when he was on trip with his wife. God revealed to Pastor Prince that this is because people who preach grace aren't on TV. He never intended to have a TV ministry. 

LA and NY- PP is on secular networks in the States and has higher viewership that is on TBN where PP is on three top ten list & favour has been given to the gospel of grace. 

Ps Judah Smith texts PP to consult PP on bible verses and sermons. "Jesus Is"- grace filled. He did an amazing job. We are all different pastors but it is grace stuff. 

He texted PP about Hebrews 6. He called Ps Judah Smith as it was chokeful of revelations. Ps Judah Smith revealed he is Justin Bieber's pastor and he had the chance to preach grace to his entourage. Justin and Selena Gomez cried. Born again.

PP touched Ps Judah Smith and he impacted Bieber. Do we have time for self righteous world? Celebrities will make mistakes. 70% are either fornicators, adulterer, on drugs etc. But you aren't. So when u deal with them, impact them. 

PP is not involved with The Star. The anointing of God will affect the artistes but they will not affect us just because they use our auditorium. 

If u don't eat or interact with the world, how will they know what they really want. 

1 Jn 2:15-16 - quoted out of context. 

What is the world? A pastor in the past wrote "This is my Father's World" - wrote about the lovely creations of the LORD. 

God gave the inspiration for TV so the gospel can be preached into places like Israel. PP comes on at 930pm prime time on TVs in Israel.

Not just dress- but what you fill the dress with. If the music is all about you - I did it my way is very sad- or you wear clothes for the lust of the flesh is worldly. 

We can go into the world and save them. If u are in Changi and they are in Jurong- they cannot hear u. 

We don't become the world to preach the Word. We preach the Word direct. 

So how to prevent our kids from being worldly? We can go to the govt of our countries and get political. But that's not Jesus' way. Jesus never one time got His disciples to get political despite bad governance. He knew He had glory and honour and as the world grows darker, He gets brighter. Influence from inner man. We pray for our leaders but we don't get involved in politics. Jesus said give to Caeser what is Caeser's, what is God to God. 

How do we overcome the world?

U don't allow them to watch tv, to use computer to go out into the world. Might as well don't live. 

Nagging and scolding is an expression is that you have lost control. One word is enough. Weightiness. Our kids really hear what we say. 

See 1Jn 2:15-16--- the love OF (not for) the Father 

We don't hear enough sermons about the love of God. 

It is never grace at the expense of righteousness. People don't live in the consciousness of God's love for them. 

Prov 26:2 - a curse without cause shall not alight. 

What in the word does a sparrow/swallow flying got to do with a curse falling on people? 

See Matt 10:29-31--- 2 sparrows cost 1 copper coin. 
Luke 12:6-7 also emphasise 2 copper coins get u five sparrows. 
The birds are Cheap. Commonplace. But even then God notices them. U have even more value than many sparrows. We are set up. We are not worthy but we are worthy enough for Jesus to come and die for us. God didn't send His Son to die for birds or fallen angels. Jesus came to die for you!

Remind them of how much their Daddy God loves them. 

John 17:23 - "You... have love them AS (not less than) You have loved me". 

Judgmental preaching and legalistic preaching prevent believers from inheriting. 

Cosmos (World) the whole circle of earthly goods. God doesn't want us to love lust of the flesh. 

Romans 4:13- we are to inherit the COSMOS (World) through righteousness and not through the law. Devil loves it when law is introduced into the church because believers can't inherit. Jesus has fulfilled the law. 

Jesus didn't come to destroy law. True. Grace preaching is not out to destroy law. Jesus FULFILLED- eg. Once ur payments to the bank is fully paid, we don't continue paying. 

Picture again of our righteousness as a bar of good. We fall into dirt but we are still a gold bar - no change to our substance. 


The demon came to tempt Jesus right after His baptism. Jesus tackled it in a godly way. Jump down= pride of life. The sense of God loving Him was so strong that He did not fall into temptation. 

Gospel of grace is from Paul's writings so none of us original but how God has brought Grace to the forefront is amazing.

Remind people they are LOVED by God. Don't think u are a face in a crowd. He personally notices down to the number of hairs on your head. 

Pp on his son- he loves his baby boy who is beginning to grow hair and even then doesn't count his hair. But God does. 

KEEP URSELF IN THE LOVE OF GOD- what praying in tongues does. 

God confirms His ministry with signs and wonders. 

People are filled with pride because love of the Father not in them. Not about filling them with love for the Father but filling them with the love of the Father. 

Mount of Transfiguration-another time God spoke His love over Jesus. 

See 2 Peter 1:16-18 - how Jesus received from His Father honour and glory. Every time parents tell their kids God loves them, we crown them with glory and honour. How to have pride when Jesus takes centre place in their lives? 

Everytime U affirm the love of the LORD in your kids --- Jesus went down the mount of transfiguration and casted demon out of a child. 

Because God loves u, u have victory in this area, that area- this purges us of the lust for the flesh. Receive it. We can know He loves us but not receive it. So receive it. 

What u say about u carries weight. What the world says and what a self righteous believer says about u= no weight. Turn to Jesus every time to receive His love. 

"Right now, God loves u" no matter where u are. Tell people. 

Jesus went amongst filth and was never defiled.

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