Monday, 2 June 2008

Truly humbled...

Got a message on Facebook just now that said -
"You have been awarded @"


All glory to God always.

Thanks for the award Cyberanger Daniel. It came as a very blessed surprise. Very humbled and feeling undeserving of the award really. ^.^"

I was just telling Ian last night, although I am not serving in a ministry in Church, it does not mean that I can't serve God outside of the church. I am happy being a little post-it note flap for Christ. I am not a volume of Ocean-deep Words, but each tiny scrawl of mine - if it leads someone back into His arms or brings about healing, that is wonderful and for His glory alone.

Every little seed sown, is just as significant - because the One who causes them to grow is the same Creator. There are other sowers, other watering cans - I am just one of a whole multitude of them. =) We don't all have to be a big voice, but if we would all just make a little noise for Christ, the World can hear it. It is like a choir - it takes all the little voices to blend to form a chorus.

May these fingers, this mind and this heart continue to serve Him in humility and steadfastness. Christ remains my creativity and my wisdom.


  1. See see see! I knew this little light is shining brightly for His glory with your words! :P SHINE ON SISTER!!!

  2. Hi Sister Geri

    I just realised you're the Geri who left comments on Malcolm's blog :)

    Just wanna say i'm ministered by your blog and am sure it does to everyone reading your blog.

    Keep blogging for His glory! :)

    a fellow blogging sis from NCC ;p

  3. Thanks Angie! Aiyo I only just saw both your messages! =D

    Praise God that my humble rantings have ministered to you... may you continue to abide in Christ, daughter of Sarah! =D

    - Geri (using my other account... grins)