Saturday, 14 March 2009

Best Christian Blog of the Week - all thanks to Jesus! =)

Rushing about preparing Ian's luggage bag for tonight's trip to Germany when I checked my Gmail to find out that our dear bro Cyberanger has very, very kindly awarded this blog Best Christian Blog of the Week again! =) See under March 15th 2009. And interestingly it was awarded for the day of rest and the day numbered grace. Praise the LORD! =) Feeling so blessed and encouraged right now. =D

All glory to Jesus and the great work He does in our lives and those of the children. This award is dedicated to Him first and foremost, to my hubby who is my dear prayer partner, and also to my little son, whom I hope will be encouraged to always abide in Christ =D. May the LORD anoint us to touch hearts for Jesus no matter how young or old, today or tomorrow.



  1. Congrats geri!

    Isn't this the 2nd time you've won?

  2. Congrats Geri!

    I must say that this week's posts have been very uplifting. Well done :-)

  3. Hi brothers!

    I am encouraged by the honour of being encouraged and the honour of being able to encourage.

    Malcolm> yup, it is the second time. =) Cyber is very kind lah =)
    It's been an exciting time for me despite the flu bug that's been running marathon (more than a month and all 3 of us). I intend to outrun the bugger and I CAN because I am in Christ who has completed the race for me - I am a conqueror. The more it says get down, the more I rejoice! =)

    Stan> Thankee! I am glad they uplifted. Too many things in the Media are downtrodding on people's souls these days. BTW, last weekend we were on course at NP and went to ur stall but hehe as predicted, Sunday is Jesus Day! So never open keke. Hope to "kidnap" Ian and take him there on a weekday one day soon. =D

  4. Congrats Geri!

    Thanks for being a blessing to all the brothers & Sister in Christ - I'm blessed to by your entries.

    All Glory to Jesus =)